Cold Inside

Before winter comes the autumn. It’s a period when we in Sweden prepare for the winter coldness. Even our properties do.

In our properties we have sensors that automatically is starting the heating when the temperature outside for a longer time is around 10-15 degrees (°C). With “a longer time” we mean that the temperature is steady for a couple of days. Since all our properties are different, the heat settings adjust according to which property it is.

All our properties is connected to a central which is supposed to heat up the whole property. As bigger the property gets, the longer it takes before the whole property is warm. And vice versa when the heating is going out of the property. Because of that, it can take a while before the warm water reaches your heating element. Maybe your apartment is in the end of this heating system? Please be patient when we’re entering the autumn, the heat is on its way to you!

At least 20 degrees (°C)

According to the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare, it shouldn’t be below 20 degrees (°C). And because of environment reasons we keep our temperature below 21 degrees. When checking the indoor temperature in your home, it’s important to measure it 1 meter from the front wall, and 1 meter over the floor. If it’s below 20 degrees, or more than 21 degrees, please make a fault report on My pages!

Are you still freezing?

We’re living in a country where it’s both cold and warm days, and all the time we need to adjust our clothing according to the temperature outside. In our homes we need to do the same! In the summer it’s enough to have a t-shirt inside, but in the winter you may have to wear a hoodie and slippers if it’s cold. The house do half of the job of keeping us warm, but we need to do the other half!

Another thing to think about is the furnishing. Furnisher in front of the heating element makes it hard for the heating to spread in the room.

Off course it’s important with fresh air, even in the winter. So open your window from time to time, but not more than 10 minutes.

You do the fault report on My pages.